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Willow trees for cricket bats have been growing at Shepherds Flat for over a century. They were introduced by Test umpire R.M. Crockett in 1902 and became the primary source for the renowned Crockett cricket bats. As a tribute to this unique part of Australian history, the Tinetti family have created Cricket Willow - the only facility in the world where visitors can witness the fascinating process of cricket bat manufacture from start to finish. 

The Tinetti family have recently spread their wings to launch Jabaroo - an eye-catching range of cricket equipment sold exclusively from Cricket Willow. The Jabaroo HeritageInstinct and Horizon labels cater for the needs of all cricketers. The Jabaroo range also includes wicketkeeping equipment and junior bats as well as quality cricket accessories and unique souvenirs.

All Jabaroo HeritageInstinct and Horizon bats are traditionally hand-crafted from the finest willow in the Cricket Gallery at Shepherds Flat. Come to Cricket Willow for the 'Bud to Bat' Tour to experience the fascinating process first hand.

Jabaroo equipment is sold exclusively from Cricket Willow.

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355 Hepburn - Newstead Rd
Shepherds Flat, Victoria
Australia 3461

Phone: 03 5476 4277