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The Run for the Willow carnival has been cancelled for 2021. 

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The spark for Run for the Willow came in April 2005. Four time Stawell gift finalist Chris Tuohy stumbled upon Cricket Willow and was blown away by the picturesque oval and impressive facilities. Chris chatted with the Tinetti family about the prospect of staging an athletics meeting at this unique venue. All agreed that it was a fantastic idea and with support from the Victorian Athletic League the inaugural Run for the Willow carnival was staged at Cricket Willow on Saturday 19 November 2005.

100m Daylesford Gift Winners

2005 $2,000 Cricket Willow 100m Gift: Nathan Allen (Toowoomba, Queensland) 11.09 secs (4.5m)    

2006 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Sani Biao (Cameroon) 10.70 secs (2.5m)

2008 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Glenn Stephens (Bendigo, Victoria) 10.67 secs (12.75m)

2009 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Shaun Fletcher (Newcastle, NSW) 10.62 secs (4.5m)

2010 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Shaun Hargreaves (Werribee, Victoria) 10.99 secs (5.75m)

2011 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Bradley Letton (Cambden, SA) 11.21 secs (8.00m)

2012 $2,000 Telstra 100 yards Gift: Shane Woodrow (Ballarat, Victoria) 10.17 secs (4.75 yards)

2013 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Brian Wright (Sydney, NSW) 11.04 secs (15.00m)

2014 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Marty Sinclair (Newcastle, NSW) 11.13 secs (10.5m)

2015 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Derek Collinge (Canberra, ACT) 10.69 secs (8.25m)

2016 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Michael Kember (Cromer Heights, NSW) 10.93 secs (6.25m) 

2017 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Elly Graf (Yowie Bay, NSW) 10.63 secs (15.00m) 

2018 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Jake Hilson (Bendigo) 10.94 secs (5.25m)

2019 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: John Hilditch (Altona) 11.09 secs (17.75m)

2020 $2,000 Telstra 100m Gift: Ryan Camille (Moorabin) 11.12 secs (7.75m)

Run for the Willow is a fundraising event for charity. Since its inception in 2005 over $35,000 has been raised for Camp Quality and charitable causes.